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Teaching for the Passion With Profession: From Collections Over 16 Years & Competition With Current Systems, I Have Created These Courses For You!

Coding in 1 Day, Career Forever

This course will give you very clear picture of the confusing computer coding world! You will learn about: Hosting, CMS, HTML, CSS, GitHub, WordPress, and E-Commerce Systems. At the end, you will build and host your own website from scratch and integrate online payments, to create online shops like ebay & amazon!


Computer Daily Tasks for Personal & Professional

In this course, you will learn personal and professional daily tasks of windows computer in a simplified way. You will learn how to speed up tasks using windows short key combinations.  At the end of this course, you will be able to use your computer tasks in simple and smart way, with no stress and no issues. 

C# For .NET Developers

This course covers the basics of the .NET and builds strong coding skills. You will learn how to build real applications from scratch. At the end of the course you will be able to create desktop and cloud based applications, such as: Employee management systems, car rental applications, and school management systems.


The Summery of Math From Counting To Calculus

This course is best suited for high school graduates who would like to build strong math skills, collage students who are struggling with their math classes, and anyone who wants to master math in a very short time. The course is a comprehensive summary of math from counting to calculus with real world applications.